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  • Migrating KlickFile with External Documents

    Posted :10/12/2015

    Excel files will migrate in only if the extension is set to .excel. This is a bug that will get fixed in a later release as needed. Once imported, EvoDMS will not be able to view the files as it thinks they are images. To fix this, open SQL Management Studio and open a new Query on their database. Run update Pages set Read more ...

  • EvoDMS released!

    Posted :8/24/2014

    The EvoDMS software has been officially released! With thousands of clients already installed, isn't it time to take your company to the next level? EvoDMS is already a feature rich software, with plans to add many more elements with every release. We value the input of our customers and would love to hear from you. If you have a feature request, please send an email to Read more ...

  • Can we convert our current data to put into EvoDMS?

    Posted :8/22/2014

    The answer to this question is, in most cases, YES. We have an import feature that will use a delimitted file. We also have a built in migration utility for KlickFile and KlickFile Web. Contact us to learn more! Read more ...

  • Logging in to evoDMS - ! User credentials are not valid. Please try again

    Posted :3/27/2014

    If you hover over exclamation it give a message: An unsecured or incorrectly secured fault was recevied from the other party. See the inner FaultException for the fault code and detail. Resolution: If the server time and the client time are off by more than five minutes, you will get the above error. Correct the System Time.     Read more ...

  • Server side logging

    Posted :11/19/2013

    To enable server side logging    On the EVO Server, browse to EVO installation folder (default: C:\Program Files\ScanningRevolution\EvoDMSServer) Copy dmsServer.exe.Config to dmsServer.exe.Config_backup Open dmsServer.exe.Config for editing Search for appSettings  In the <appSettings> section add the following entry <add key="loggerLevel" value="info"/> The section should look like this <appSettings > <!—-other entries --&g Read more ...