Our philosophy:

From our many years of experience with other products and hundreds of different environments we have concluded that a no-nonsense approach to software development is a real world approach. User interfaces that are not cluttered. Administrative consoles that make IT groups management easy. Strong back ends making a solid foundation. Integration options that is virtually endless. We also believe that when it comes to support, and listening to our customers requests, that there be no-nonsense. Quick, if not immediate responses to any support issues. Quick answers to feature and usability requests. Regular updates that come automatically and stay with or ahead of the technology curve. To top this off our pricing is also no-nonsense. Affordable and easy to understand. To put it quite simply, our philosophy is no-nonsense.

Our vision:

Document management systems (dms) continue to prove to businesses of all sizes that implementing this technology makes their businesses more efficient. Improving office efficiencies always affects the bottom line. There are still many businesses that have not yet taken advantage of the benefit of dms. Our vision is to bring this technology to every size and type of business. Making our software affordable in both the initial purchase and ongoing cost of ownership is how we intend to do this. We also know that there are many companies that have adopted this technology but are being charged a lot for ongoing support. We want to provide a replacement option which can lower costs and increase flexibility. Bottom line, our vision is to provide a dms solution that works in all aspects.

Who we are:

Evodms was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is wholly owned by Scanning Revolution, LLC whose owners have been in the document management business for over 16 years. Our experience includes the development of dms products, implementing dms solutions, providing conversion services, and sales and support of competing products. Our knowledge of this business provides us with a complete understanding of what businesses and end users are looking for when it comes to a dms solution. Evodms is the next revolution in the dms world.