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  • KlickFile Web to evoDMS migration info

    Posted :9/16/2013

    There are a few minor adjustments that must be made on the mySQL server. Add the following to the my.ini for mySQL and then restart the mySQL server service. connect_timeout=9999. net_read_timeout=99999. net_write_timeout=99999. In the mySQL command prompt you can run the following to confirm your changes: show variables like ‘%timeout%’; Read more ...

  • Evo Features

    Posted :1/23/2013

    Beside having all of the standard features, such as scanning, importing, batch scanning, searching, viewing, printing and e-mailing, evoDMS also supports any image file type natively including pdf files. Drag and drop of files into batches or into documents is also a useful tool. The integration options are virtually unlimited and the user inerfaces are easy to navigate. security is also built in down to the document level. Barcode detection and zone OCR help make input automation an efficient process. Also, forms processing can be set up and with some unique additions to the configuration opt Read more ...

  • EVO DMS to be released soon

    Posted :1/16/2013

    As many of you know, Scanning Revolution took over the sales and support of all KlickFile products in May 2011. In February 2010 we began development on a new and exciting product that would be a replacement for the KlickFile product line. That product is called evoDMS. After almost 3 years of development, Scanning Revolution is excited to let you know that this product will officially release to market on January 31, 2013. At that time we will begin rolling out evoDMS to all KlickFile customers. This will be a significant upgrade to the KlickFile product and will offer a substantial improveme Read more ...