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  • Measuring, troubleshooting and optimizing EVO performance

    Posted :10/4/2013

    EVO DMS performance is effected by a variety of factors including Your network performance EVO desktop and Server exchange information using TCP/IP over your network. If your network is congested and not performing at an optimal level, EVO searches, adding pages to documents and viewing documents will take longer than expected. SQL server performance EVO Stores indexing information on SQL server (by defaults EVO server ships with SQL Express). If there is not enough memory or CPU cycles available for your SQL SERVER to perform optimally, EVO Searches Read more ...

  • Auto Type head Lookup while indexing

    Posted :9/23/2013

    While indexing a document (both in batch processing and search views), EVO comes with handy type ahead lookup feature.    While entering Index information in a text field, EVO shows a drop down list with index values that matches the current entry. This can help the user to select values that has been previously used for this field.   Enabling or disabling Auto type ahead lookup This feature is enab Read more ...

  • We want to go paperless, but not sure what’s required to be compliant

    Posted :9/18/2013

    For achieving Compliance, Implementing a Records Management Program Is Vital Determining the requirements to comply with the constantly changing rules and regulations can be a daunting process. Regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act and Health Insurance Portabilit Read more ...

  • Does EVO have a bulk export feature? For example could I select a number of documents and export them all to .PDFs in an organized directory structure.

    Posted :9/17/2013

    Documents can be exported from EVO in two ways For day to day export needs, a user can select and add document to the EVO document cart and export them in Excel or CVS formats. For large  or repeated exports (or integration with external tools), EVO supports integration with (iron) Python scripting engine. It is easy to write a script that can run on a regular basis, selects documents depending on a search criteria and exports them in any format supported by python Read more ...

  • Is EVO Secure? How is my data secured during transmission and at rest

    Posted :9/17/2013

    Evo DMS security features Evo supports ROLES based User access, which can be fine-tuned to configure  extremity granular access control for projects and documents All communications between The EVO desktop client and EVO Server (Including initial User authentication) happens over Transport Layer Security (TLS).  The Images transferred between EVO server and desktop client are in addition  sent over SOAP packets that are Encrypted (256 bit AES) and signed. This allows for Read more ...