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  • Migrating KlickFile with External Documents

    Posted :10/12/2015

    Excel files will migrate in only if the extension is set to .excel. This is a bug that will get fixed in a later release as needed. Once imported, EvoDMS will not be able to view the files as it thinks they are images. To fix this, open SQL Management Studio and open a new Query on their database. Run update Pages set Read more ...

  • Logging in to evoDMS - ! User credentials are not valid. Please try again

    Posted :3/27/2014

    If you hover over exclamation it give a message: An unsecured or incorrectly secured fault was recevied from the other party. See the inner FaultException for the fault code and detail. Resolution: If the server time and the client time are off by more than five minutes, you will get the above error. Correct the System Time.     Read more ...

  • Server side logging

    Posted :11/19/2013

    To enable server side logging    On the EVO Server, browse to EVO installation folder (default: C:\Program Files\ScanningRevolution\EvoDMSServer) Copy dmsServer.exe.Config to dmsServer.exe.Config_backup Open dmsServer.exe.Config for editing Search for appSettings  In the <appSettings> section add the following entry <add key="loggerLevel" value="info"/> The section should look like this <appSettings > <!—-other entries --&g Read more ...

  • Measuring, troubleshooting and optimizing EVO performance

    Posted :10/4/2013

    EVO DMS performance is effected by a variety of factors including Your network performance EVO desktop and Server exchange information using TCP/IP over your network. If your network is congested and not performing at an optimal level, EVO searches, adding pages to documents and viewing documents will take longer than expected. SQL server performance EVO Stores indexing information on SQL server (by defaults EVO server ships with SQL Express). If there is not enough memory or CPU cycles available for your SQL SERVER to perform optimally, EVO Searches Read more ...

  • KlickFile Web to evoDMS migration info

    Posted :9/16/2013

    There are a few minor adjustments that must be made on the mySQL server. Add the following to the my.ini for mySQL and then restart the mySQL server service. connect_timeout=9999. net_read_timeout=99999. net_write_timeout=99999. In the mySQL command prompt you can run the following to confirm your changes: show variables like ‘%timeout%’; Read more ...