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Server side logging

Posted : 11/19/2013

To enable server side logging


  1. On the EVO Server, browse to EVO installation folder (default: C:\Program Files\ScanningRevolution\EvoDMSServer)
  2. Copy dmsServer.exe.Config to dmsServer.exe.Config_backup
  3. Open dmsServer.exe.Config for editing
  4. Search for appSettings 
  5. In the <appSettings> section add the following entry
    <add key="loggerLevel" value="info"/>
    The section should look like this
    <appSettings >
    <!—-other entries -->
    <add key="loggerLevel" value="info"/>
  6. Note : if the entry in the exiting config file is <appSettings/> replace the section with the example given above.
    If the entry is of the form
    <appSettings >
    ------ lines------

    Please add the line <add key="loggerLevel" value="info"/> at the end of the section
  7. Restart EVO Server. If the server fails to start please make sure there are no typing errors in the config file
  8. The generated log files can be found in the same folder and the Name is of the format serverLog_M_DD_HR TT.txt
  9. It is advisable to turn off logging (delete the line) after log information is obtained.