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Auto Type head Lookup while indexing

Posted : 9/23/2013

While indexing a document (both in batch processing and search views), EVO comes with handy type ahead lookup feature. 


While entering Index information in a text field, EVO shows a drop down list with index values that matches the current entry. This can help the user to select values that has been previously used for this field.


Enabling or disabling Auto type ahead lookup

This feature is enabled by default and can be easily turned off if desired.

To turn it off

  1. Select User preferences from the Settings menu
  2. Uncheck the ‘Enable Type ahead lookup’ checkbox
  3. Click OK


There are few enhancements to the type ahead lookup feature on our roadmap.

  1. Future versions of EVO will suggest values of other index fields in the project along with the field that is being indexed
  2. We are working on extending the feature to perform lookups from other projects as well as external data sources.