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EVO DMS to be released soon

Posted : 1/16/2013

As many of you know, Scanning Revolution took over the sales and support of all KlickFile products in May 2011. In February 2010 we began development on a new and exciting product that would be a replacement for the KlickFile product line. That product is called evoDMS. After almost 3 years of development, Scanning Revolution is excited to let you know that this product will officially release to market on January 31, 2013. At that time we will begin rolling out evoDMS to all KlickFile customers. This will be a significant upgrade to the KlickFile product and will offer a substantial improvement to KlickFile customers. This will be a free upgrade to all KlickFile customers who have an annual KlickFile maintenance contract in force with Scanning Revolution. If you do not have a software contract, or your current contract is delinquent, please get current before December 31, 2012. Beginning January 1, 2013 you will not be eligible for the free upgrade if your software maintenance contract is not in force. You can still upgrade to evoDMS, however there will be a charge for the upgrade at that point. Our website,, will be online soon and we will let you know when it is available.