Electronic Document Management made simple!

With EVO, paperless is just a click away

  • paperless

    Do you have rooms full of filing cabinets?

    Do important documents sometimes get lost or misfiled? How much time does your company waste flipping through papers in a drawer when it could find the document in seconds with software based document management?
    "By switching to EvoDMS, and utilizing Evo features, we have reduced our paper consumption by 38%. We are also experiencing time savings by automating our data capture through the OCR functionality. Overall our decision to implement Evo and leverage the knowledge of the Evo support staff has been a very good business decision for us."
    -Jeff Whiting, Alta Medical Management, LLC
  • Imagine a work environment where you are no longer pulling out manilla folders to file documents.

    Better yet, you are not pulling out those same folders to search for a document when you need it. Free up your time and storage space by going paperless with EVO.
    "The system is easy to use, functional, and has been very reliable. It has been a big time saver to have documents available on my computer, as opposed to filing through folders. This is one decision that I have been very satisfied with."
    -Mark C. Lundskog, Controller, Stein Eriksen Lodge
  • So what sets us apart from our competitors? Two things mainly:

    • Easy to use products
    • First class support
    Our products are so easy to use that you won't need to have documentation on hand or spend hours training employees to use it.
    "We have no regrets whatsoever regarding our purchase of this product, and, in fact, we highly recommended it to any who might need to store documents for extended periods of time."
    -Jean F. Rasmussen, Rasmussen Dunn VanWagenen-CPA